• 100% Italian wheat

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    An identity choice: for over 20 years we have been building solid relationships of trust and respect with the best Italian farmers. This ensures us, beyond national and international crises and fluctuations, a direct control of the supply chains for 100% Italian durum wheat always of an excellent quality. In 2003 we were the first company in Italy to obtain the “100% Italian Durum Wheat” and “zero km” certifications.

  • Eco-sustainable pasta

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    Every year we measure the environmental impact of each of our pasta packs through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) approach: the analysis of the life cycle, from the field to the table, allows us to assess the amount of carbon dioxide released by our supply chains so as to be able to act accordingly and to deliver to the planet more oxygen than the amount we use. These analyses show that, specifically, our Yellow Label line is one of the pastas with the best environmental sustainability performances in Italy, as certified by the important EPD international brand (Environmental Product Declaration), verified by CSQA.

  • Mill and pasta factory

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    The grain of our pasta comes mostly from fields located next to our mill, mainly from Central Italy, and partly from Apulia, where we can store it in our own silos in Cerignola. We avoid long storage times, we grind it directly and process it in the same premises, so we can guarantee the freshness of our flours and drastically reduce the impact of transport on the environment.

  • Green energy

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    Our plants are only powered with electric energy coming from renewable sources. Furthermore, we invest in the efficiency of our machinery: in fact, the new technologies make it possible for us to obtain better results while progressively reducing consumption and emissions.

Listen to the words of our Chairman Pierantonio Sgambaro to feel the full spirit of this small but great Italian company and family.

to lighten the load.

Our sustainable economy model envisages a detailed plan to capture and store more carbon dioxide compared to the quantity emitted during our pasta’s life cycle.

  • Bosco


    Since 2011 we have been supporting the creation of a new forest for the production of clean water in the province of Padua: over 2,300 trees of 15 different kinds, selected to recreate the typical environment of the Po Valley.

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  • Blue


    Since 2013 we have been committed to the protection of the precious ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon through the sustainable management of the fishing valleys of Venice.

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  • Carbomark


    Since 2015 we have been taking care of the healthy and clean growth of the Mel and Luisiana forests in Veneto, over 600 hectares of woods between Vicenza and Belluno.

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  • Enego
    after Vaia


    Since 2020 we have been committed to the reconstruction of forests destroyed by the Vaia storm in the province of Vicenza; nearly 2,400 new trees have been planted.

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  • Park in North


    Since 2020 we have been supporting the creation of a food forest in the centre of Milan as part of the redevelopment project of the suburbs north of the capital of Lombardy.

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  • Treviso - Vicenza cycle path


    Since 2021 we have been committed to the planting of new trees in order to shade the new cycle path connecting two of the most beautiful cities in Veneto, a forward-looking project of sustainable mobility and tourism.

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  • Bosco Fontaniva
    Brenta River Park


    Since 2022 we have been participating in the creation of new beautiful forests between the cities of Bassano del Grappa and Padua, along the river Brenta.

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  • Saja
    Bosco San Lio


    Since 2022 we have been accompanying the birth of new woods for educational purposes and of food forests for the production of sustainable food in Sicily as well.

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Paper Matters!

The packaging of our Bio Label pasta is made of paper.


    cellulose fibre paper: pap 22 / paper collection

  • Cert. Aticelca

    Recyclable in level A
    with less than 10% waste

  • Fsc

    100% from responsibly managed
    forests and supply chains

    fsc certificazione
  • Acquapack

    Water-based inks and glues
    for lower emissions

  • Terpap

    Strong, flexible and high-performance natural paper

Natural and shared

Environmental and social sustainability: our supply chains put people’s well-being first. From the farmers to our master millers and pasta makers, all the way to you who bring our pasta to your table.

  • Research and development according to an accurate plan of food, environmental and social responsibility

  • 25 years of collaboration with Italian agricultural cooperatives

  • Only direct agreements with national farmers

  • Selection of the best Italian grains for quality and yield

  • Guarantee of constant supplies over time and in terms of quality

  • I Field Good: plan for monitoring the fields’ health

I Field Good.
Tutto filiera liscio.

  • The wheat market is subject to crises and fluctuations: the quantity and quality of raw materials are variables based on which one year of harvest is never the same as another one, with a margin of uncertainty that upsets the entire supply chain.

  • For this reason, together with CybeleTech, Sgambaro started I Field Good, an innovative field monitoring project. The first partner is La Pineta di Cerignola Cooperative in Apulia, 4,500 hectares in the heart of the best Italian area where durum wheat is produced.

  • I Field Good is a valuable service for farmers: thanks to large volumes of satellite and meteorological data, it offers accurate indications aimed at improving yield and crop quality, with important and positive social, environmental and nutritional repercussions, from the field all the way to your fork.