Our story

We’re a family. Three generations who have constantly worked, lovingly and smartly, on building a great and beautiful House of Pasta. A home full of sunshine: the gold of our Marco Aurelio grain, the emperor of our Yellow Label.

A home with a big green garden, where the pure food of our Organic Label blossom.

  • A miller in Cittadella since 1937, grandfather Tullio Sgambaro founded the first pasta factory with his wife Maria.

  • With their children, milling and pasta-making were joined together at Castello di Godego.
    The construction of 21 silos in Puglia extended quality and control from the fields to the table.

  • The Sgambaro production chain was born. Sgambaro is the first company in Italy to grant a certificate of origin
    to a packet of pasta, and to obtain the “100% Italian durum wheat” and “km zero” certifications.

  • Sgambaro started one of the first production lines of Italian durum wheat, emmer and Kamut® from organic farming and defined its own unique pasta-making style.

  • As a result of its accurate analyses and careful management of the environmental impact of its business, Sgambaro is known among the most virtuous companies in Italy.

  • Its increasingly appreciated Bio Label has expanded and its look has been renewed.

  • Thanks to grains, 90% of which from fields near the family mill, electric cars, green energy and a series of carbon-offsetting initiatives, with the Sgambaro Yellow Label line we’re pursuing our efforts towards the ambitious goal of a carbon-neutral product.


  • After achieving the highest levels of product quality and production chain sustainability, Sgambaro decided to invest in
    communication: a new brand, new packaging.