Our certifications

  • EPD

    Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

    Our Yellow Label line is now one of the Italian pastas with the lowest environmental impact: the amount of carbon dioxide released during its whole production cycle is modest. This data has been calculated using the “Lifecycle” analysis method and led us to obtain international EPD certification (Environmental Product Declaration), created in Sweden by the International EPD Consortium and verified by certifying body CSQA.

    Read the report for Yellow Label, Bio Label and conventional Food Service.

  • sgambaro-certificazione

    DTP 061 Italian durum wheat

    This certification guarantees that Sgambaro’s durum wheat semolina pasta has been made with durum wheat semolina grown in Italy. Issued for the first time in 2003, it is certified with periodical inspections of certifying body CSQA.

  • ICEA2

    ORGANIC ICEA certification

    Sgambaro products specifically marked with the word ‘organic’ comply with requirements for Organic Products, in accordance with the ICEA certification. The ICEA organic certification ensures the traceability of raw materials and the finished product, guaranteeing the quality of products and consumer protection.

  • BRC2-2

    BRC British Retail Consortium Grade A

    The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety focuses on quality and product safety in terms of hygiene and health. It adopted the HACCP method as its planning and implementation standard. Essential to prove the reliability of the company at an international level, the standard allows for verification of compliance with well-defined quality criteria on production premises and on specific product and process specifications.

  • IFS2

    International Food Standard (IFS)

    With the International Food Standard (IFS) certification, Sgambaro presents itself to Europe and to the rest of the world as a supplier able to offer safe products, in line with contractual specifications and legislative requirements. This is one of the food safety standards recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an international initiative mainly aimed at strengthening and promoting food safety across the whole supply chain.


    Star-K Kosher Certification

    Sgambaro makes food suitable for consumption and compliant with kosher food rules. This certification is an essential product transparency tool. Consumers are informed that the certified product has undergone and successfully passed the strict procedures to obtain it.

  • Halal certificate

    HALAL Certificate

    World Halal Authority (WHA) is an international certification body, involved in auditing, supervision and development of the global Halal market.

    The Halal certifications of WHA, ensure the conformity of “Sgambaro” systems, processes, services and products, in line with the requirements of International Halal standards

    WHA possesses the highest number of accreditations and available recognitions in the world with the most authoritative bodies and regulators in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries all over the world. Additionally the mutual recognition and collaborative agreements with the organizations and Halal consumer associations, both in Italy and internationally. In addition to the exclusivity obtained from Indonesia (MUI) and WHFC, also the exclusive mutual recognition and collaboration with GIMDES (Turkey).

    Furthermore, possessing several years of practical experience in Halal auditing and certification by the senior leadership team, highly skilled and competent in their field of work.