Sgambaro's values

  • 100% Italian durum wheat

    Ninety percent of the wheat in our pasta comes from northern Italy, from the fields near our mill: this guarantees freshness and reduces the impact of transport on the environment.
    We have supported the renewed interested in the Po Valley as a cultivation area, selecting seed varieties resistant to the climate and pathogens to achieve an excellent yield, which makes us and our farmers – who work together in a co-operative to protect their valuable work – happy. The origin of all our wheat varieties has been certified since 2003 to provide the absolute certainty you are only eating the good produce of our land.

  • A mill joining hands with a pasta factory

    We have built our mill by integrating it with our pasta factory to cut transport costs between the two production sites. Deliveries to distributors are optimised with precise agreements with carriers to ensure full loads also with other compatible products.
    The purchase of electric cars completes the company’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions at all levels.

  • A light carbon footprint

    Our Yellow Label line is now one of the Italian pastas with the lowest environmental impact: the amount of carbon dioxide released during its whole production cycle is modest. This data has been calculated using the “Lifecycle” analysis method and led us to obtain international EPD certification (Environmental Product Declaration), created in Sweden by the International EPD Consortium and verified by certifying body CSQA.

  • Carbon-offsetting initiatives

    Although in lower amounts, also our business produces CO2 emissions. To offset them and return to the environment part of the abundance it offers us, we have adopted 600 hectares of woodland in the towns of Mel, near Belluno, and Lusiana, near Vicenza, committing to take care of them. We have adhered to the Bosco Limite project and we collaborate with Blue Valley to protect the valuable ecosystem of the lagoon of the Veneto region, a project involving the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by storing it in the ground.

  • 100% green energy

    Our plants are only powered with energy from renewable sources provided by Greener. To further reduce emissions, we invest in the efficiency of our machines: indeed new technologies enable us to achieve better results with less energy, without having to release hundreds of tonnes of CO2 into the environment.